Wow, we are almost in November!  I can hardly believe it!  I really enjoyed seeing so many happy faces at the Fall Festival last week!

In social group, students read Superflex Takes on Glassman and the Team of Unthinkables.  One of the main strategies for defeating Glassman is thinking about the size of the problem and then making sure that your reaction matches that problem's size.  In my classroom, we have a problem scale and when issues arise, we write the problem on a post-it and add it to the scale.  Students made their own problem scales to take home.  Click here and scroll down to Problem Scale to read more.  Students also discussed using our "inner coach" when we start to feel upset and have negative thoughts.  I created Positive Polly to represent our positive self-talk.  Click here and scroll down to Positive Polly to read more about Superflex's sidekick.  

In Lunch Bunch, we did one of my favorite activities, Conversation Tree.  Click here and scroll down to Conversation Tree to learn more.

This week, students are creating their own teams of Unthinkables in social group.  In Lunch Bunch, they are playing a cooperative game.  More details to come!  Happy Halloween!  -Angela
Wow, last week was a bit rough!  My son, husband and I all got a vicious stomach virus at the same time.   It was a nightmare!  I am so thankful that we are feeling better.  I am also super glad my amazing student teacher, Ms. Bankhead, was here to keep the SCORES ship afloat!

In social group, students continued their study of perspective taking.  They practiced putting Perspective Pete in their brains and filled out a survey as someone else.  The surveys went home in their SCORES folders so you can see how they put themselves in someone else's shoes.  They also used their perspective taking skills to make coupon books for someone in their family.  They had to think like the other person to know what they would like.  They definitely demonstrated that they are paying attention to what their loved ones like! If your child made a coupon book for you, please redeem those coupons and keep them accountable for what they chose to make for you!  For more information, click here and scroll down to Perspective Taking Coupon Book.

In Lunch Bunch, students worked as a team to play various games with the parachute.  There was a lot of social interaction going on and the kids were having so much fun!  I think the parachute will be coming back out soon!  

I was so sad to miss Track and Field day!  It sounds like it was a fantastic day full of fun!  The kids did awesome and I am so proud of them!

This week in social group, we are working on Glassman and problems/reactions.  Fifth graders are starting their book club.  In Lunch Bunch, we are working on our conversation skills as we build a "Conversation Tree".  More information to come on these activities next week!

Let me know if you need anything!  -Angela Cardenas
Last week in SCORES, we started our discussion of perspective taking.  Being able to see things from another person's perspective is a life skill that takes constant practice.  In my opinion, it's the most important skill we can have in life!  Please check out more information under here and look under Perspective Taking.  

Recently, I got to thinking that Superflex really needed some sidekicks.  I mean, don't all superheroes have a sidekick?!  I created two friends for Superflex.  Perspective Pete gets in your brain and helps you to think about how someone else might think or feel in a situation.  Positive Polly helps you to do positive self-talk when you are feeling anxious, upset or stressed.  When a child is struggling with either of these things, you can remind them to put these characters in their brains to defeat the Unthinkables.  Using Superflex and his team, we can all feel successful!  Click here and scroll to Perspective Pete and Positive Polly to learn more.

In Lunch Bunch, we played a teamwork game called Clean Up Crew.  Students had a partner and had to work together on scooters to pick up various things around the room.  The kids had a lot of fun and were working together well!  Practicing their social skills in a fun environment is my main goal of Lunch Bunch.  

This week, we are continuing our perspective taking studies in social group.  Students will be practicing putting themselves in others' shoes.  In Lunch Bunch, we are working as a team to play games with the parachute.  The kids always have great fun when the parachute comes out to play!

Track and Field day is this Friday, October 19.  This is a fun day filled with lots of activities.  I will be checking in with students throughout the day and will be available to offer breaks or help.  See you there!
-Angela Cardenas
Last week in social group, we learned about our Social Filter.  To learn more about this activity, click here and scroll down to "Social Filter".  

In Lunch Bunch, we talked about friendship and what makes us good friends.  We created "A Rainbow of Friendship, Hand in Hand".  To learn more about this activity, click here.  If you want to check out our cute bulletin board we made, it's in C Pod!  

I hope everyone is having a chance to meet with teachers for Fall conferences.  If I am not able to attend your child's conference, I am happy to meet with you separately to discuss their social skills progress.  

Track and Field is around the corner on October 19.  Be on the lookout for information coming home about this fun day!
We have been busy in SCORES!  Last week, we continued our Superflex studies.  In social group, we played Superflex Headbands.  The kids had a lot of fun playing this game while showing how much Superflex knowledge they have obtained!  Click here and scroll down to Superflex Headbands to learn more about our activity.

In Lunch Bunch, we read Superflex Takes on Rock Brain and the Team of Unthinkables.  This is a great story to read to learn more about this curriculum.  

My student teacher, Ms. Bankhead, has been gaining more and more responsibility as the year progresses.  She is very close to being in her "total teach", where she is responsible for my entire schedule.  She and I are working very closely to plan lessons and activities to target social skills, math, writing and sensory needs.  She is doing a fabulous job and I feel so thankful to have her on the SCORES team this year!  If you have any questions for her, feel free to email at  Be on the lookout for blog posts from her coming soon!  

I hope everyone has a great week!  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!  -Angela Cardenas