Last week in SCORES, we started our discussion of perspective taking.  Being able to see things from another person's perspective is a life skill that takes constant practice.  In my opinion, it's the most important skill we can have in life!  Please check out more information under here and look under Perspective Taking.  

Recently, I got to thinking that Superflex really needed some sidekicks.  I mean, don't all superheroes have a sidekick?!  I created two friends for Superflex.  Perspective Pete gets in your brain and helps you to think about how someone else might think or feel in a situation.  Positive Polly helps you to do positive self-talk when you are feeling anxious, upset or stressed.  When a child is struggling with either of these things, you can remind them to put these characters in their brains to defeat the Unthinkables.  Using Superflex and his team, we can all feel successful!  Click here and scroll to Perspective Pete and Positive Polly to learn more.

In Lunch Bunch, we played a teamwork game called Clean Up Crew.  Students had a partner and had to work together on scooters to pick up various things around the room.  The kids had a lot of fun and were working together well!  Practicing their social skills in a fun environment is my main goal of Lunch Bunch.  

This week, we are continuing our perspective taking studies in social group.  Students will be practicing putting themselves in others' shoes.  In Lunch Bunch, we are working as a team to play games with the parachute.  The kids always have great fun when the parachute comes out to play!

Track and Field day is this Friday, October 19.  This is a fun day filled with lots of activities.  I will be checking in with students throughout the day and will be available to offer breaks or help.  See you there!
-Angela Cardenas

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