Hi everyone!  Wow, we are in the single digits of how many days left til summer!  

In social group, we have been writing our social stories for the kids to have over the summer.  These books have a lot of information about Boone.  Each group is deciding what they want their book to say on each page.  Next week, I will be taking the students to meet their new teachers for next year.  We will take a picture with their new teacher for their social stories.  The social stories will come home on the last day of school.  

In Lunch Bunch, we have been practicing all the social skills we have learned this year through cooperative play and teamwork.  Groups are playing table games or Wii Bowling.  It is so fun seeing them interact positively with each other!  I'm seeing such amazing social progress in them!  I am a proud

If you have any questions about anything, my door is always open!  Come visit, call me or email me.  This goes for the summer too!  ~Angela Cardenas
9/29/2015 11:22:40 am

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