We really enjoyed learning about being a "bucket filler or dipper".  Students shared how they have filled buckets and also how they dipped buckets and what they learned from being a bucket dipper.  I am continuing to use this language with students when I see expected and unexpected behaviors.  In recent conversations, some students have independently been using the bucket filler/dipper language.  I love that!  Using this same language at home will help them to continue to use and think about this concept.  There is more information about this concept under the "Resources and Tools" tab.  

This week in social group, we are working on problem solving and how we can make a situation better, using the book, We Can Make It Better! by Elizabeth M Delsandro.  Students are identifying the "not so good" events in the story and how to make them better.  Then, we will be role-playing these scenarios.  The scenarios are great for not only discussing problem solving, but also perspective taking, which is a extreme

In Lunch Bunch, we are discussing bullying.  Students are having really interactive conversations about this hot topic!

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