Hi everyone!  I can't believe we have less than a month left of school!  We have been working hard in social group learning about that pesky Brain Eater and how we can use our Superflex to defeat him!  

A few updates:  

-I am sending home a packet about summer programs/camps available.  There are some great camps out there!

-Every year, I make a summer social story for each child that comes to social group with me.  This book will include pictures and information about Boone.  Students will be helping write the stories this year, which will be neat!  I will be taking the kids to meet their new teacher for next year and they will take a picture with her.  This is a privilege that only social group kids get and I will be explaining this to them.  It's important for them to keep this information to themselves and not tell all of their friends.  This is a good opportunity to practice perspective taking because they need to remember that the other kids won't find out their teacher until August and we don't want to make them feel upset that they get to find out early, etc.  Your child has been placed with a teacher we believe is the best fit for them.  The social stories will not be completed and sent home until the last day of school, so be on the lookout in backpacks at that time.  

-This summer, I will be providing private tutoring to anyone who is interested in receiving this service.  The cost is $30 per hour.  I am very flexible with scheduling and can meet as much or little as you wish.  I can work on reading, writing, math or even social skills with your child.  This can be an opportunity to work on things your child might be struggling with, to maintain current skills or to provide enrichment activities.  As we all know, students demonstrate some regression over the summer.  This is a great way to combat that and to keep structured learning in their schedule throughout the summer, which can help with the transition back to school in August.  If you are interested, please email or call me and we can talk about details.  Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.  I have corresponded with a few parents who are interested.  Please get in touch with me and we can start working out details.  I'm looking forward to working with my students over the summer!  

As always, please let me know if you have questions/concerns or if there is anything you need!  

Take care,  
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