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I know I'm a broken record always saying that time is flying, but it seriously is!!  I can't believe we are already in the last month of school!

We have been busy in the SCORES room learning about Superflex's new Power Plan and the new team of Thinkables that work with Superflex to help defeat the Unthinkables.  Hopefully you saw these pages come home in the blue folder and had a chance to discuss them with your child.  This week and next, we are working on creating a book of the 4-5 Thinkables that we personally feel that we need to "activate" more in our lives.  Click here and scroll down to Thinkable Dream Team to see an example of the book we are making.  Your child will be bringing their books home next week.  When you see your child using these great strategies, be sure to positively reinforce this skill (ie. "It looks like you have Sunny Sun in your brain!  That's awesome!  What great social thinking!").  When you see that they are needing to activate these strategies, using the Thinkable's name is a good trigger to remind the student of what they have learned about the Thinkable (ie. "It looks like you are getting upset and Glassman is getting into your brain.  Remember Rainbow Girl can help you!").  Supporting their social communication learning at home will help them to generalize skills in the various settings of their lives.

This is the time of year that we start planning for next year.  We take great care and thought for the placement of your child's next class/teacher.  Just like every year, we will be making summer social stories for the kids to have over the summer to read about Boone.  I will take the students to meet their new teachers and take a picture.  Please remember that this is a service that only SCORES kids have so I ask that you keep the information about your child's next year teacher to yourself.  Everyone else will find out their teachers in August.

Last summer, I offered tutoring services.  It went so well and I enjoyed seeing my students over the summer so much that I am going to offer this service again!  My rate is $30 an hour.  I can come to your house, you can come to mine or we can meet at a public library.  My schedule is fairly flexible.  I can tutor Reading, Math, Writing or anything else you think your child needs to work on.  I can also work on social skills instruction if you would like them to get extra practice over the summer.  If you are interested in this tutoring service over the summer, please let me know some times that work for you.  I would like to know by the end of this month so that I can make sure to pack up some of my teaching materials to bring home for the summer.  You are welcome to let anyone else you know that may be interested as well.

I think that's all for now!  Please email or call me with any questions or concerns.  Have a great May!  -Angela Cardenas
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