I hope everyone had a great Spring Break!  The weather was amazing, wasn't it?!  I enjoyed time with family and we got to take Teo to his first carnival in Rockport, Texas where my parents live.  Great fun!

Andrea Ramirez, my student teacher, is in her "total teach" right now, where she is responsible for all lessons.  I am still observing and working with students, but she is in charge of the bulk of the teaching.  She is doing a great job!!  

This week in social group, we have been working on different concepts based on the grade levels:

Kindergarten - Second grade social groups have been working on thoughts creating feelings.  Click here and scroll down to "What is a Thought? (A Thought is a Lot!)" to learn more.  

Third - Fifth grade social groups have been working on test anxiety.  With STAAR coming up, this is a very relevant topic to cover for these kiddos.  Click here and scroll down to "Tyler Tames the Testing Tiger" to learn more.

In Lunch Bunch, students participated in Conversation Tree.  Most of the students have done this activity before so they were excited when they found out they were doing it again.  Our topic was "spring brea" and students were able to tell stories and share their fun adventures from their week off from school!  The kids had a great time.  To learn more about this activity, click here and scroll down to "Conversation Tree".

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'm here to help!                   -Angela Cardenas

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