Wow, it's already time for Thanksgiving!  I can't believe it! 

In social group, we've been working on Media-based Inference.  Click here and scroll to Media-based Inference to learn more.

Last week in Lunch Bunch, we discussed what we were thankful for.  We made a cool bulletin board where the kids wrote something they were thankful for on various fall inspired shapes.  Check it out in C pod if you get the chance!  

This week in Lunch Bunch, we played "Guess What I Am!".  This is a super fun inference and perspective taking game.  Each student takes turns holding a face frame and asks questions of their peers to figure out what person or animal is on the frame.  There was SO much laughter during this game!  They had a great time and didn't even realize they were practicing inference and perspective taking!  

My amazing student teacher, Ms. Bankhead, will only be with us for another week.  Her last day with us in SCORES will be November 29.  Then she will spend a week with Mrs. Lee in PPCD here at Boone.  I am so sad to see her go, as she has truly become a big part of this team!  She has worked so hard with your children and they all love her!  If you would like to contribute to her going away gift, please contact me.

There will be no school from Wednesday-Friday of this week.  I hope you all have a fabulous break enjoying your family and friends.  I am thankful to have a job, students and co-workers that I love.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  -Angela Cardenas
Last week was a busy week with Halloween and field trips.  I enjoyed attending the first and second grade field trip to the Long Center to hear Halloween music. It was really fun!

In social group, the students have been making their own teams of Unthinkables.  Click here and scroll down to "Teams of Unthinkables" to read more about our activities.  

In Lunch Bunch, students played a cooperative game called, "Who has the pumpkin?"  They took turns being the "guesser", while another person hid a small pumpkin behind their back.  The rest of the group pretended to be hiding something behind their back as well and the guesser had to figure out who really had the pumpkin. The kids had fun playing this game!  They also filled up their sticker charts so they go to have some free time after they finished eating.  There was lots of social interaction going on!

This week, the kids are finishing their teams of Unthinkables in social group.  In Lunch Bunch, we are discussing what it means to be thankful and are sharing what we are thankful for.  

Have a great week!  -Mrs. Cardenas