Wow, the spring is flying by!  We already only have 7 weeks of school left before summer!  I hope everyone had a lot of fun at our Spring Carnival on Friday!  We had a blast! 

Last week in social group, we started a new management system called Class Dojo.  Click here and scroll down to Class Dojo to learn how we are using this system in the SCORES room.  

Next week, we will be STAAR testing again.  Third and fourth grades will be taking Reading and Math.  Fifth grade will be taking the Science test.  If you have students in these grade levels, encourage them to be practicing their test anxiety strategies we learned about a couple weeks ago.  

In social group this week, we are working on Superflex's Very Cool 5 Step Power Plan.  I will blog about this next week.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!  
                                                  -Angela Cardenas
5/7/2013 01:17:40 am

Can you post a more detailed picture of the class dojo wall display? I'm trying to see how you keep track of your points since they get to "spend" them in your class. I run social skills groups as well and am planning to implement this program. I'm also hoping some of the classrooms I consult to implement it as well next school year.


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