I can't believe we are already in April!  Only two months left of this school year!  Maybe it's having a new baby, but time seems to be flying by at rapid speed!  Is it for y'all??!

We have been busy in social group learning about Superflex.  Superflex is an extremely beneficial curriculum written by Stephanie Madrigal and Michelle Garcia Winner.  Check here for more information.  

Check out the Resources tab under Superflex for more information about our studies!

In lunch bunch, we have been playing social interaction games.  This week, we will be working on an obstacle course where the students have to work as a team to see how quickly they can get their team through the various obstacles.  

This week and next are both four day weeks.  I hope everyone has a fabulous four day weekend with their families!  Our sweet baby boy will be turning 8 months old on Easter Sunday.  He is such an active and happy guy!  His laugh is the cutest thing!  :)

As always, let me know if you have questions or concerns and if there is anything I can do for you or your child.