We've been having fun this week in the SCORES room!  In social group, we have been working on perspective taking.  Click here and check under "Perspective Taking" for details of this vital skill and the lesson activities students have been participating in.  In Lunch Bunch, we have been playing Wii Bowling.  Needless to say, the kids are enjoying it immensely!  Before we pick teams and start the game, we have been discussing what makes a good team, how to encourage each other and enjoy playing together.  I have been super impressed with how the kids cheer for each other!  I've seen some super sportsmanship!  

Next week:

In social group, we will be using various visuals to get us talking about other peoples' perspectives.  
Kindergarten through Second grade lunch bunch students will be playing "Hedbanz", a fun and interactive inference game.  Students in Third through Fifth grade will be playing "Don't Say It!", a game where you have to describe an item without using certain "buzz" words.  This game encourages teamwork and social interaction.  

I can't believe Spring Break is right around the corner!  I hope everyone has an excellent week off from school. My husband and I are taking our 7 month old on our first road trip to Arkansas to visit family...should be quite the adventure!  Wish us luck!  ;)  

When we return from Spring Break, we will start our in depth Superflex activities.  I am really excited because the kids get really involved in these lessons.  I will be posting our activities and lessons so stay tuned for more information about Superflex...